The Homes of the Soul

A Short Guide to the Real Possibility of Life After Death

By (author) Jennifer Vanbergen

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  • Publisher : Aeon Books
  • Published : October 2023
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 178
  • Size : 129mm(w) x 198mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 95208
  • ISBN 13 : 9781801520881
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A Jungian answer to the centuries old question: what happens when we die?

Based on her own experiences following the death of her mother, Jenny Vanbergen walks through a compelling and thoughtful discussion on the possibility of life after death.

Using the works of many renowned thinkers, such as Carl Jung, The Homes of the Soul takes an analytical approach as it discusses theories such as the psyche, the ego, personal and collective unconscious and the holographic universe in relation to the possibility of life after death.

The books deals with complex theories, while still remaining clear and accessible. Vanbergen’s warm yet scientific - and at times humorous - approach to dealing with such immense questions will bring comfort to those dealing with grief, but also appeal to anyone interested in analytical psychology or ideas surrounding the afterlife.

About the author

By (author) Jennifer Vanbergen

Jenny Vanvergben was originally a Modern Languages graduate, and continued to become a (former) member of The London Stock Exchange, property developer and now property manager in Kent. Following an extraordinary episode after the death of her mother in 1998, she developed an impassioned interest in the work of Carl Gustav Jung. She has since trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and currently lives in Kent.

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Reviews & Endorsements

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Cygnus Review on 01/11/2023

"This fascinating short book tells the alluring account of one woman's encounter with the life and work of CG Jung and how she has been guided by his inquiries into the true nature of the human spirit. Her personal experiences around the death of her mother lead her to read what Jung wrote about his supernatural experiences and all the layers of existence below the surface of life in the material world... She doesn't seem to come to any overt conclusion but you feel the world is a richer place by the end of the book. It deals with big subjects but it isn't academic. In fact it's full of anecdotes - mostly from Jung - and is an enjoyable read."

Jasbinder Garnermann, director of the C G Jung Centre, Ireland on 17/10/2023

“The Homes of The Soul is a wondrous book in which Vanbergen takes us on a thrilling adventure of consciousness, integrating scientific understanding and Jungian depth psychology. This is a book for all Jungians, particularly for those who want to pick up where Jung left off... where he felt the most exciting developments in his great work might lie.”

Duncan Barford, author of 'Occult Experiments in the Home' on 17/10/2023

“Vanbergen describes and then goes beyond her own experiences of grief, to make an argument for the real possibility of life after death, an idea that mainstream thinking often rejects. However, it is by combining mainstream Jungian ideas with a modern theory of consciousness that she makes her entertaining and intriguing case.”

Dr. Marc Lockhart MD, psychiatrist, Cayman Islands on 17/10/2023

“The Homes of the Soul is an illuminating journey into the realms of grief, spirituality and the human psyche. Jennifer Vanbergen offers readers a profound understanding of the transformative power of loss. This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking solace, self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the profound connection between grief and personal growth.”

Dr Ollie Else, retired MD, England on 17/10/2023

“I enjoyed this book immensely. We are taken down a logical path to consider ourselves from different points of view in time. The works of Carl Jung and many others are artfully woven into creating answers to the question of an afterlife. Brilliant.“

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