A Guide to Mental Mastery

By (author) Mouni Sadhu

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  • Publisher : Aeon Books
  • Published : April 2023
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 252
  • Size : 152mm(w) x 229mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 95194
  • ISBN 13 : 9781801520430
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An accessible guide to controlling the mind.

Written in a simple and easily understandable style, Concentration is a classic among books on the art of meditation.

Without the ability to concentrate, our efforts at meditation will result only in going nowhere, in spinning our wheels in an unending rut.

Through a series of practical steps, the author provides the frame work of achieving the state of Samadhi. It encourages readers to actively walk the path of spirituality and achieve a state of super consciousness, rather than just passively read about it.

About the author

By (author) Mouni Sadhu

Mouni Sadhu (1897–1971) is the pen name taken by Dymitr Sudowski an occultist, spiritual teacher and author. The word 'mouni' means silent and 'sadhu' refers to a wandering holy man. The author has studied many paths on the route to self-realization, from Western Magic and Hermeticism to the bhakti yoga teachings of Ramana Maharshi. His writings are a wealth of practical and useful information and advice. His books cover subjects such as concentration, meditation, spiritual growth, the higher consciousness Theurgy and the Tarot.

Reviews & Endorsements

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John Michael Greer, author of 'The Occult Philosophy Workbook' and 'The Sacred Geometry Oracle' on 17/07/2023

“Even if your only interest in concentration is learning how to take charge of your own life, the investment of time and energy is well worth making. If you seek the goal that Mouni Sadhu sought - the state of Samadhi, which he called ‘the superconsciousness of the future’ - the benefits to be gained are quite literally beyond your imagination. In either case, 'Concentration' is a classic guide to the first vital steps on that path.”

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