A Companion Guide to The Gospel of Thomas

A Journey to Inner Presence, Self-Understanding and Fullness of Personal Expression

By (author) Christine Folan

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  • Publisher : Aeon Books
  • Published : March 2024
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 390
  • Size : 152mm(w) x 229mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 95243
  • ISBN 13 : 9781801521239
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The ultimate guide to understanding the 114 sacred texts known as ‘The Gospel of Thomas’, revealing ancient Christian teachings and allowing for deep self-reflection and introspection.

Discovered in 1945 in Egypt, but likely dating back to around 150-200AD, the Gospel of Thomas, is a collection of codices, each containing an affirmation or advice.

Academic discourse has plagued the Gospel's modern existence, especially in relation to its English translation. Resultantly, a number of densely unintelligible translations have been produced, which use heavy ecclesiastical language and a biblical approach, obscuring the meaning of the text to laypeople.

Now, Christine Folan provides a revolutionary approach, unpicking the Gospel's complexities, and providing a sensitive and effective way of understanding and ‘seeing’ the hidden, yet deeply profound, secrets of this ancient text.

Folan's companion guide provides excerpts from the text alongside her own visceral and deep rooted interpretations, which will enlighten readers to the endless potential which can be gleaned from the Gospel.

Guiding the reader with clarity and conviction, The Companion Guide to The Gospel of Thomas provides a way for readers to use the Gospel as a vessel for introspection, allowing them to search deep within themselves for their own unique truth and meaning.

The book contains real life case studies of people whose lives have been drastically changed by the teachings of the Gospel, as well as suggested further reading for each chapter.

The Companion Guide to The Gospel of Thomas is a manual for the practical application of spiritual principles, challenging readers not only to make sense of this ancient text in their own unique way, but also to live its message to make profound change in their day to day lives.

About the author

By (author) Christine Folan

Christine Folan began work in the jewellery trade, opening her first shop when she was twenty five. She ran a successful business for eighteen years, during which time she bought up two delightful sons. In her forties, Christine sold her business and trained for four years to become a qualified counsellor, training in psychotherapy, integrative cocunselling and transpersonal psychology. After qualifying, she worked as an independent therapist, focusing primarily – among other things – on women’s work. During this time, Christine started a women’s weekly support group which ran for nine years. Discovering The Gospel of Thomas bought a deeper aspect to Christine’s personal life journey and work. After five years of personal study, Christine chose to end all work commitments in order to write her first book, a companion guide to The Gospel of Thomas.

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