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The Science of Consciousness Conference 2024


Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, USA


22/04/2024 - 27/04/2024


6 Days

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The Science of Consciousness (TSC) conferences are the pre-eminent world gatherings on all approaches to the profound and fundamental question of how the brain produces conscious experience, a question which addresses who we are, the nature of reality and our place in the universe. TSC conferences have been held in Tucson since 1994, (every 2 years) and are recognised around the world. TSC International held its first conference in 1995 and continues in alternate years. It is the world's largest, longest running and premier interdisciplinary conference addressing the fundamental questions regarding consciousness, the brain, reality and existence.

TSC Tucson is a 5-day gathering consisting of 4 Keynote Speakers, 26 Plenary presenters, 12 plenary sessions, 14 Concurrent Sessions, Poster and Exhibitor presentations, 10 workshops, Welcome Reception, Exhibitor receptions, Social and Wellness events. The conference anticipates to bring in over 400 scientists, philosophers, educations, academicians, students, meditators, artists and interested public and seekers from around the world.

Aeon author Jennifer Vanbergen will be speaking on psychoanalysis and the unconscious on Wednesday 24th April at this event.

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Center for Consciousness Studies

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